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Alright, here goes everything:

I will now explain the past 2 days of my life, because nothing has made me happier, ever.

By the by, before read, I am going to describe every little detail and this post is going to be very long, so if you don’t give a fuck and don’t want to hear me talk about my experience in depth, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

So, the 17th, Haley and I went to Ft. Lauderdale to see My Chem & Circa, at the Revolution, I think it was called, which was a small, cool venue I had never been to before. Anyways, before the show, while everyone was standing in line, Haley and I were wandering around. Me, being blind as a bat, didn’t even notice Anthony green sitting by himself on the ledge of the road, but Haley goes “Isn’t that Anthony Green?” And I look, walk up to him, and squint my fucking eyes and go “Anthony…?” He looked up and said “Yes?” I walked over and said hello to him, and told him it was my first time seeing Circa Survive and how I was so excited to see them. He thanked me sweetly and gave me a high five, and then I asked if I could get a picture with him, he said of course, and right as he put his arm around me he looked at me and said “You smell so good.” Haley was trying to take a picture of us but didn’t know how to work the camera on my iTouch so I walked over to help her, and he kept his arm around me as I did the whole time and walked with me. Uh, I got two pictures with him, because; 

That’s the first one but we both were not ready, I look like a chipmunk fool and he’s just like uh wat, so here’s the better one, which is still kind of bad but I don’t care

So, anyways, I said thank you, and he was like “No problem at all, but can you do me a favor?” “Anything!” “Can you just dance for me tonight? Just go crazy?” “Of course I will, I’ll dance like a little monkey, I promise!” He laughed and said “Alright, dance like a little monkey.” I walked away and told him to have a good rest of the evening and he said “Yep, I’ll see you tonight!” And then that was that, I was bursting with fruit flavor, and Circa was amazing. They had an awesome set list, and I was honestly getting laughed at while they were on because no one else was really into it and I was by myself going fucking nuts, but I didn’t give a shit because I had an amazing time and they were wonderful live, so energetic, and jfhdjs it was just great. Now, to get to My Chem. Well first off, it was my 7th (8th…?) time seeing them but I’d never seen them at a small place like that, only arena’s, so that was just a huge deal for me to begin with. They actually had a fucking amazing setlist, they played Hang Em High, Give Em Hell kid, Destroya, Mama, opened with Na Na Na, Vampire Money, House of Wolves, Welcome to the Black Parade, I’m Not Okay, Helena, and the one song I was most happy about: Vampires Will Never Hurt You. And let me tell you, the place blew up, the crowd was phenomenal and I was so fucking happy. I cried, bahahahaha, just because I’d never heard anything off Bullets before and it was so amazing, they did a great job and they were so good, sahfsdjkhdsfjd. They also played songs off Danger Days that I don’t particularly enjoy too much like Sing & The Only Hope For Me Is You, and uh Summertime. But that’s just me, they were still wonderful, regardless. So I was completely pooped by the end of the night and Haley and I didn’t get home until 3 something, poor Haley had to drive all the way home.

Alright, now to May 18th, yesterday & last night, at the House of Blues. It was me, Haley, Logan and Kirstin. We got there at like 1 maybe earlier, got a decent spot in line, and then Haley/Logan & Me/Kirstin switched off with who stayed in the line and who went to walk around. Because let me tell you, we were in the sun and it was hot as fuck and I am so burnt on my shoulders, it’s awful. Anyways, so, Kirstin and I were wandering, and we decided to sit at this bench because it’s right next to a door where a lot of the bands walk in and out of to get to and from their bus, and to sound check and such, and it’s how I’ve met other bands previously. So we’re sitting there, just talking, and Anthony walks out behind me. I walk up first, kind of cautious because I wasn’t sure if he had somewhere to be or not, but I just said “Hi, do you remember me?” He turned around, walked right up to me and said “Yes I do, how was your drive home?” I told him it was Hell, but worth it and he said thank you for coming out again to see them 2 times in a row. I said it was my pleasure, and then Kirstin walked up and said hello, and the 3 of us honestly just stood there and talked. We talked about the show, and the line up, and Anthony was telling us how he didn’t care if people liked his band or not, but that he just wanted to people to at least experience his band and form an opinion. I told him I loved his music, but my sister wasn’t a fan, but last night she said they weren’t as bad as she thought, and he was like “I totally respect that, everyone has got to have an opinion and I realize we aren’t going to please everyone and that’s okay.” And so Kirstin had a pair of those huge goofy sunglasses and she wrote “Get Out” on them because I told her that’s what they ended with, and she showed him them and he though they were awesome, and he said “I will look for you in the crown during get out, I’ll look for those glasses” to Kirstin, and I made this gargoyle in my art class, it was like a dragon thing sitting on a base and it was painted gold, it looked like a statue, and I’d originally planned to give it to someone in My Chem, but we had already seen Frank and Ray and they both just waved but walked right past us in a hurry so we didn’t really meet them, and Anthony had been so sweet the night before and at the moment, I knew he’d appreciate it. So I went and got it out of Kirstin’s little bag and handed it to him and right away he said “Oh my God, this is fucking amazing. Thank you so much, seriously this is so cool, come here,” and he gave me the biggest hug ever, I was so happy he liked it so much. The guitarist, I think his name is Brendan, (I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure who he was at first I just knew he was in the band, not to be a shitty Circa fan, but I don’t know much about all the members, I don’t mean to be annoying and only know the lead singer, but as of then he’s the only one I’d recognize) anyway, he walked out and Anthony calls him over and goes “Dude, come here, look what this girl made us!” He said it was really cool and he offered to take a picture of the 3 of us, here you are:

I’m on the left, Anthony is obviously in the middle and Kirstin is on the right, and in his hand is the gargoyle I made, and on his head is Kirstin’s hat which he took off her and wore for the picture. He looks so happy and that makes me so happy. So afterwards, he goes, “You know, this reminds me of my dog, Lily.” I laughed and started to pet the gargoyle and so did he, he asked me what we should name it. I told him it’s name was originally Giddles but that was an inside joke and he didn’t have to keep the name. But he said “No, Giddles, I love it.” So then he said he was gonna go explore and that he’d see us both later. So Kirstin and I were happier than ever, he was honestly so sincere and just grateful and genuine, and that made me love him even more and has immense respect for him. The fact that he talked to us just like normal people, and didn’t act all cocky like some musicians do made my day. So, Kirstin and I went and sat down on the bench again and just talked about it, and we were so so happy, and then later in the day when we were there, Anthony walked out again. We didn’t want to be annoying and go up to him again, so we just smiled and waved, but to our surprise, he walked right up to us and said “Hey guys!” We said hello and he asked, “Do you know where I can get some shorts around here? It’s so hot.” I told him, “Well, down there is Pleasure Town (it’s actually called Pleasure Island but I always say Pleasure Town because of Anchorman) which has a Disney store” And he looked at me and smirked and said, “Pleasure Town?” raising his eyebrows, and I turned to Kirstin and said “Oh, we’re going!” He laughed, and I said “Yeah, I’m sure you can find some shorts with like Mickey Mouse on them.” “Oh, just what I wanted! Alright thank you, and by the way, thank you again for what you made me, that was very sweet of you.” He said that as he was walked away and then Kirstin goes “By the way, I’m Kirstin, and that’s Courtney. Nice to meet you.” He points at us one at a time and goes, “Kirstin. Courtney.” And then walked away. We were so happy that he actually came up to us, we didn’t even call him over or anything and once again he was as sweet as can be. We actually saw him a couple other times walking with Brendan and he waved to us every time he walked by. Alright, anyways, skip to Circa Survive coming on stage and opening with Through The Desert Alone again, and Kirstin and I were like fucking animals. Except practically NO ONE gave a fuck about Circa besides us, and we got so many dirty looks and rude comments because we were just dancing and thrashing and screaming every word to every song, and I’m so thankful I had Kirstin with me to go absolutely nuts with, because if she wasn’t I would’ve been on my own again. Anyways, during one of their songs, I can’t remember which on exactly, but I was going crazy of course, and this bitch with X’s over her eyes behind me kept kneeing the back of my leg and telling me to get the fuck off her and stop touching her, and I totally lost my cool, whipped around and said “If you have a fucking problem with me you can get the fuck off the floor!” And she goes “Who the fuck do you think you are, bitch? I’m gunna hit you so hard!” So I turned back around, got in her face and said “Fucking do it, right here, hit me, please, do it.” And all she did was scowl. I knew she was a pussy and was all talk and no walk, and she didn’t do shit, and even if she had hit me, she would’ve fucking gotten it. I was wearing my Docs and was in no mood to deal with bullshit, because I felt like everyone was ruining our Circa experience, and don’t get me wrong, I do realize that it was a My Chem show and like everyone was there for My Chem, I was too, and I understand that fully, I’m not expecting everyone to go crazy, but it’s like you can stand there if you want, but I love this band and if I want to dance my ass off then I will and it’s making you uncomfortable than you can straight up leave because this is the floor, you don’t have to be here, and I have every right to go crazy to a band I love, so Kirstin and I just continued how we were not listening to anyone. During Get Out, Anthony spotted Kirstin and he big ass glasses and pointed and smiled at her, which made her so happy, and me too, just because I know how much that show meant to her and it made me happy that he was just so nice. Anyways, My Chem came on and it was the same set list as yesterday except they threw in Cancer, which always is good live. The crowd was really good that night, too, though which made me so happy, because if I was going to have to deal with more pussy bitches I was going to lose my shit. Well, there were these one annoying girls, who in between a song yelled “GERARD! I WANT YOU TO CUM ON MY FACE!” And I just laughed and yelled “He is fucking married and has a daughter, he does not want to cum on your face, thanks” and they didn’t say anything. But all in all the show was crazy, they put on an awesome show just like the night before and I cannot explain to you how exhausted I was though, and still am, but how grateful I was (and still am) to have experienced that, because it truly was magical, I don’t care how lame I sound. Anyways, after the show, Kirstin and I waited until 1 to meet Anthony AGAIN because we just wanted to say bye and tell him how much we enjoyed the show. My Chem of course fucking left in there bus and didn’t come out to meet anyone, which is why I don’t like them lately, because they don’t even give a fuck anymore, as much as I love them and as good as they were, they really disappoint me. But Anthony came out by himself with his guitar on his back and he talked to everyone there, Kirstin and I wanted to be last, and once he was done he came over to us and asked us how we enjoyed the show, we both told him how good they were and how we went nuts even though no one else did, and he told Kirstin he saw her, and  we were talking to him and I said “Thank you so much for putting on a good show, and also just being so kind and genuine to us and just talking to us. Really, I appreciate it more than you know.” And he said “Oh, don’t thank me, really, I could say the same thing to you, you know? You guys are so, so sweet to us, and I’m so thankful, so thank you.” And somehow, I don’t even know how, but we got on the subject of uh girls I guess because he kind of randomly said “By the way, I feel like it’s really tough to be a teenage girl nowadays. Really, like I just feel bad, and you guys just keep taking care of each other and being there for each other, and to be completely honest, don’t listen to dudes. Just don’t. Don’t believe a word they say and don’t let them bring you down, because you guys are awesome, and you’ll know when they are sincere so really just don’t worry about it at all, trust me.” And just the look in his eyes, he was so sincere and sweet, so we said thank you, and he goes “Come here, both of you, I’m so glad I met you guys, I love you,” and he gave us both the most wonderful goodbye hugs and we thanked each other once more. Kirstin asked him when he’d be coming back, and he said he wasn’t sure because he was gunna be writing soon, but when he did he said he’d better see us there, and we promised him he would. So we waved goodbye and watched him walk away. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life and I am so thankful for it, not even just meeting him and having him being so wonderful to us, but just to be able to see two bands I adore two nights in a row, I am so so blessed and I wouldn’t have traded any of it for anything else in the world.

wow that was long, and I got pictures and video’s which I’ll probably post later tonight or tomorrow, ok bye, and if you read all of that I truly applaud you.

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