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I realized I never even post about the shows I go to anymore which is something I always did and always looked forward to. I’m just not on here that much anymore, but I saw Foxy at the Beacham Wednesday night and I just wanted to say how proud I am of them. They’re so unique and brilliant and have an energy and stage presence that you rarely see anymore. They have so much talent and are so special and every time I see them they make me so happy and make me just want to dance and it’s incredible how energetic and full of life and soul they are and I don’t see how Foxy’s music can’t make you want to dance your ass off. They played quite a few songs off of their new album and I have to say, it got me so excited for it to come out. I loved what I heard and I told Sky after the show how thankful I was that instead of getting shittier and shittier like a lot of bands gradually do, they’ve gotten better and better. I’m flying to New York to see them in February and I cannot fucking wait. They gave me a great night, truly. We all hung out and talked a little bit after the show since Haley and Mandy have been friends with them since like 2008/2009 when they were just a baby band opening up for The Fall of Troy. I’m so happy they discovered them and so happy they’re still so sweet to them. Here are some funny pictures from that night. 

Haley & Mandy

Mandy, myself, Haley

Mandy & Sky

Sky & Myself

Sky & Haley

All four of us

Another group shot

Uh I don’t know who took this, blurry picture of me, Sky & Haley

Just Haley being Haley

Daisy & I with major double chin, I suck at taking photos.

I got pictures and videos of the show itself that I may or may not post later but these pictures just make me happy. 

And Jesus Holy Shit leaving for Georgia in 3 days with Kirstin for AG….. I have no words for this!

OH! Also, I was talking to Daisy and I wore my AG jacket to the show and he asked me what my jacket was because he couldn’t really see so I told him it was an Anthony Green jacket and he goes, “Oh, yeah, I know that guy. He’s singing on our new record.” “Yeah, he’s…. wait, what?” “Yeah he’s going to be singing on our new album.” “Are you serious?” “Yeah I’m completely serious.” “Holy shit, that’s awesome. I’m seeing him next week.” “Oh, really? Cool, tell him Daisy says hi.”

ALSO, I keep forgetting to mention these things, States opened for Foxy which I don’t listen to States but I know of Mindy White because of the song she did with Anthony and she sounded really good. I usually don’t like female singers to be honest but she was super cute and sounded good and I ran into her after Foxy went offstage and talked to her for like a minute and she saw my AG jacket and told me she was seeing him next week in Richmond, I think? I’m not sure where but I told her I was seeing him in Atlanta and then here and she told me to tell him hi, too haha. I’ve never been so honored to be a messenger girl! 

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