Welcome to the Church of Rock 'n' Roll

Realizing that people who used to be your best friends have become pretentious, insensitive assholes. It’s nice.

— 1 day ago

I’m officially that annoying girl for taking selfies in my boyfriends shirt but I don’t care, the shirt is cute, soft, and smells like him. I am lame and that’s okay

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Why can’t I communicate ahhh

The only person that gets me at all anymore is Sam

— 3 days ago
I am on the verge of breaking,

And I sincerely don’t know where to turn

— 1 week ago
And I am a brunette again!

And I am a brunette again!

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Sitting on your lap in front of a fire, you scratching my head without me having to ask, laughing at everything together, passing out on the couch together, you make me feel like everything’s gonna be okay. I hold your hand and I feel safe.

— 1 week ago
Things I learned today:

Communication really is key.
I am actually very lucky to have the people I have in my life
I need to stop being afraid to be honest with people
Things are a lot better than I make them out to be

I am thankful and I am happy and a lot of my frustrations could be avoided if I would just be normal and vocalize my feeling without being afraid.

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